Maidan activist says what prevents "patriots" from disrupting UOC serv ...

Maidan activist says what prevents "patriots" from disrupting UOC services

08/12/2017 47
Odessa activist Sergei Sternenko, known for disrupting concerts together with co-thinkers, said to the "Ukrainska Pravda" ("Ukrainian Truth") what "prevented" him from obstructing UOC services.

Sternenko and his associates disrupt the concerts of those performers who, in the opinion of the activists, support Russian aggression in Ukraine. He believes that such "aggression" is supported by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but he hesitates to oppose it.

"The Moscow Patriarchate is a structure that is highly supported both in the central authorities of our state and at the local level," said Sternenko. "At the moment, I do not have the strength to fight this. Millions of believers who are Ukrainians are involved in the Moscow Patriarchate. Therefore, in order to avoid serious conflicts within the society, this issue should first of all be addressed at the legislative level".

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