Vatican takes control of the conflict in Kolomyia, – human rights de ...

Vatican takes control of the conflict in Kolomyia, – human rights defender

24/11/2017 69
As reported by Head of the NGO “Public Advocacy” Oleg Denisov, he had a talk with representatives of Vatican concerning the conflict around the Annunciation temple in Kolomyia and now hopes for the happy outcome of the situation at hand. The meeting took place during the conference in Erevan.

"We delivered a speech in Yerevan on the issue of protecting Christians against manifestations of hatred," Oleg Denisov said. “Several delegations raised questions about the protection of the rights of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as well as the hate speech and crimes that are now taking place in relation to this confession. They meet those criteria of international struggle, which must be committed with this kind of violations. We asked Vatican members about the ongoing abuses in Kolomyia and received a response that just recently a Vatican representative met with key figures of this confession in Ukraine and they held meetings on the topic of religious conflicts. That is, this issue is under the control of the Vatican. And we hope they will find an opportunity to apply disciplinary measures of influence and stop this conflict at their own level."

On October 4 the court recognized the legal right of the UOC community to the use of the Assumption temple in Kolomyia. On October 17 the temple was seized by the UGCC chaplains.

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